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Move Revolution offers free house valuations across Sussex, Surrey and Kent.

Our portfolio stretches from the Sussex coast, including Brighton, to the fringes of London, including Croydon, and over in to Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks.

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There are various things that can influence the value of you

General Factors that Influence the Value of your Home

The quality of local schools

If a nearby school receives a bad Ofsted report, it could have a negative impact on the value of your home. Similarly, a glowing report will make the area seem more appealing.

Crime levels

Local crime levels are transparent, so any potential buyer can research the rate in your area. This means the level of crime can have a direct impact on the value of your house.

Living on a flood plain

Our winters are becoming wetter; increasing a buyer’s concerns about purchasing a property on a flood plain. The level that this might impact the value of your house will depend on the property’s own flooding history, as well as what measures have been taken to prevent it happening again.

Noisy neighbours

Loud, rude or intimidating neighbours can affect the value of your home. Fortunately, what is considered ‘anti-social’ by some may not be cause for concern for others, so this might not have a huge impact.

Things that affect the value of your property that you can control

Pet smells

Owning an animal doesn’t mean your home will be worth less, but if pet hair or smells are allowed to fester, this can put off potential buyers or encourage them to offer below the asking price.

Structural work or décor

Cheap or outdated workmanship can decrease the value of your home. If it’s cost effective, consider updating any tired or ancient looking stone work or interior, such as textured walls or timber panelling.

Your home’s exterior

Fresh paint to the front door, a well-kept garden and clean windows can ensure your property reaches its full valuation potential.

r property. Some, fortunately, can be improved, whilst others can be beyond your control.


Flexible hours to suit you

Unlike traditional high street estate agents, we’re on hand from 8am to 8pm everyday – including weekends. This means we can carry out a free valuation of your home during a time that suits you.

If you then choose to sell with us, our flexible hours mean potential buyers can view your property outside of normal hours, so your house is likely to sell quicker.

Our estate agents know your area

Our locally based, expert team of estate agents not only work in your area, they live there too.

This means they have extensive knowledge of local schools and the town’s history, allowing them to make an accurate valuation of your home.

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