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Letting out a property can be hard work. From advertising the house and finding an appropriate tenant, to managing the tenancy and maintaining the property, it’s not an easy task to take on alongside your day job.

Move Revolution are here to take some of this strain away. Thanks to our flexible hours – we’re open 8am-8pm, seven days a week – we’re regularly on hand to help around a time that suits you.

Our team are all based locally in the area they work in, so you can trust them to provide tenants with expert, local knowledge that is sure to have your property snapped up in no time.

We also offer an expert build-to-let specialist service for Developers, letting fully finished New Developments (with, or without a show home), or off-plan developments.

Brilliant property management

Having good tenants, who look after your property and pay their rent on time is the key to a successful investment.  Sadly,  dealing with problems associated with letting a property can be incredibly time consuming and very difficult.  We believe the role of a Move Revolution Property Manager is to take aware this stress, and saving you a significant amount of valuable time and money.

Choosing to let out your property can be a big decision.

To help you make a decision about whether or not to become a landlord, we’ve listed some of the key responsibilities that come with the role:

Put your tenant’s deposit into a protection scheme

By law, as a landlord you must ensure that you deposit your tenant’s money into a protected scheme for the duration of their tenancy.

Maintain the property

It’s your responsibility to ensure the property is structurally sound and that any major repairs are undertaken. Additionally, be prepared for unexpected works to crop up – for example, a pipe bursting – that you may need to fix.

Carry out gas safety checks

You must arrange, and pay for, safety checks to be carried out on gas installations and appliances every 12 months.

Know the law

Before entering into the world of letting, ensure you at least have a basic knowledge of the laws and legal requirements, so you understand your rights.

Find the right tenant

Ensure the relevant referencing checks are carried out on potential tenants and that you’re satisfied with the outcome of these checks.

Protect your investment

We offer a range of specially selected insurances and guarantees to safeguard your property and cover your rent, giving you the confidence that your investment is being thoroughly cared for and financially protected.

Find a good time for maintenance

If a large piece of work needs to be carried out on the property, try to do this when the tenant is away, or between one person moving out and the next moving in.



Our Staff Live In Your Area:

Our expert team is based locally, meaning they have in depth knowledge of your area.

There’s a direct relationship between local knowledge and property valuations, so our extensive understanding of the area means your valuation will be more accurate, and you’ll soon have prospective tenants keen to rent your house.

We Are Open Longer Hours:

Move Revolution operates from 8am-8pm, seven days a week, to fit around your working day.

That’s equal to around 156 extra days a year, compared with other estate agents.

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