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Move Revolution Pumpkin Carving!

Are you going to be busy carving pumpkins this October half term?! Are you looking for some inspiration? Why not take some ideas from our Move Revolution teams! Our eight internal teams- Lightening Lettings, Lurking Land and New Hallohomes, Nutfield Nightmare, Monstruous Marketing, Priory Law Poltergeists, Corpses of Croydon, Enchanted East Grinstead and Howling Haywards Heath carved away for the Hallo-Queens and Kings crown!

The Stages of Carving Your Spooky Pumpkin…

We purchased our pumpkin from our local supermarket, we went for a fairly large sized pumpkin, not perfectly round but as good as they come, with a few imperfections here and there! (The shape and size is entirely dependent on your design and likes!)

Then comes the scooping of the inside of the pumpkin, which in our opinion, is the worst part of the process! Then you sketch out your design ready for carving… Carving the design was one of the trickiest parts of the process however, it’s really the most important part (apart from having fun!) Make sure you have some sharp knives available, as well as a more blunt one to help you with the carving process, as some shapes can be trickier than others, but we would say take your time because it can be difficult to rectify if you rush it and it go wrong.

You can always add paint like we did… But we would recommend, waiting as long as you can in-between painting and drawing so the ink does not blur or bleed (we learnt the hard way, we rushed ours and unfortunately some of the paint did come off.) Once the outline of the design is finished you could add glitter and gems or whatever you fancy, you can be as over the top as you want! We finished by gluing some flowers around the top to create a flower crown to complete the finished look, you could always add feathers, ears depending on your design!

Don’t forget to add your tea lights!!

See what some of our other team mates created…

Happy carving! We look forward to seeing all your designs!!