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Buying a house can be daunting. It can seem costly and long-winded, which inevitably takes some of the fun out of what should be a thrilling time – choosing a new home.

At Move Revolution, we make the process of buying a house as pain-free as possible, so you can get excited about your new home and the many positives that will come with it.

Our flexible hours and professional approach, coupled with our staffs’ extensive local knowledge, means you can trust us to help you live happy ever after.

Contact us now to find out more about buying a house with Move Revolution.

It can be tough to know where to start when it comes to buying a house, particularly if you’re doing it for the first time.

The steps to buying your new home will vary depending on the stage you are currently at, but to help clear the mind field we have summarised the process for you below.

The Process of Buying a House:

Decide what you need from your new home

It might sound obvious, but ask: ‘what are the absolute essentials I need?’ Whether it’s additional rooms for a growing family or a large garden, your criteria will help you to build a clearer picture of what you want. Remember, you are unlikely to find everything on your wish list so make sure you focus on the priorities.

Work out your maximum budget.

If you need a mortgage, we advise speaking to one of our recommended Independent Financial Advisors. It’s imperative that you do this first as you want to know exactly what you can afford.

Choose a solicitor.

Appointing a solicitor now will save you time when you find your dream home and demonstrate to a seller how organised and serious you are. We can recommend the best ones to you.

Research the local area.

Does the area have everything you need now, and for the future? Schools might not be an immediate priority, but could it be in five years’ time? Have you looked into transport links? How far is the station from your home and do the trains run regularly enough?

Look at what’s available.

Now that you have the initial research out of the way, find out what properties are on the market.

Become friends with your Move Revolution estate agent.

If there’s nothing on the market now, that doesn’t mean your perfect home won’t become available soon.

View homes.

Fantastic professional photography and floorplans will give you an insight into a home, but there is no better substitute for getting out there and viewing the homes in person.

Find your dream home.

If you find a home that ticks all the boxes, make an offer!

Having an offer accepted is a great feeling and means you can get excited about moving into your new home.

Upon acceptance, there are still a few steps you have to take before settling in.

Tell your financial advisor.

They will be able to advise you on which lender to use and how much your repayments will be.

Contact your solicitor.

Let them know that the estate agent will be in touch soon. The solicitor will send you the relevant forms to complete; it’s important you read and return the forms as soon as you can in order for the sale to get underway.

We’ll be in touch

If you’re buying a home with Move Revolution, one of our friendly Sales Progressors will be in touch to discuss and confirm timescales and ensure the sale runs smoothly through completion.

Consider a survey.

Depending on the property’s age, you might wish to have a survey carried out. The mortgage lender will carry out their own valuation, but you will need to decide whether you want an additional HomeBuyer survey or building survey carried out.

Solicitors searches.

Your solicitor will submit searches and raise enquiries with the seller’s solicitor. Once they’re happy with the answers, they’ll write you a report, which you’ll need to read, sign and return.

Get a removal quote.

Removal companies will ask for a move in date, so if you don’t have one, give them an approximate. Remember, Fridays are likely to be their busiest, so if another day is an option, it’s worth considering.

Exchange of contracts

Assuming the deposit has been transferred and a completion date is agreed, the solicitor will then exchange on your behalf. The transaction is now legally binding; so relax, and look forward to the move.

The completion

On the day of completion your solicitor will send the balance to the seller’s solicitor. Once that’s received, you’ll be notified that you can collect your keys and move into your new home (normally from around 12 noon to 2pm).

Buying a new house is an important decision and not one to be made hastily.

When inspecting a property with Move Revolution we won’t rush you through your viewing because we know this could become your new home. If you want to see the property multiple times before making a decision, we’d be happy to show you around as often as you like.

It’s essential you’re sure you can find happiness in your new home, so we’ve created a handy checklist of things to look out for when viewing a house.

Tips for Viewing a House

Is there damp?

Check the windows for water running down or pools at the base, as well as the walls and ceilings for patches or peeling paint. Watch out for growth in the back of cupboards and use your nose too, does the property smell musty? If so, it could be worth investigating further.

Is the water pressure and heat OK?

Don’t be afraid to turn on taps and showers in the house as you view it to check the pressure and heat.

Are the rooms big enough?

What are your minimum needs when it comes to room size? Does the property meet these? If you have children, pets, or large items of furniture, be realistic about whether this house will suit your requirements.

Is there enough storage space?

As well as room space, scout the house for cupboards, loft space and any outdoor storage. Try to picture your belongings here; is there enough room?

Are there plenty of power points?

Particularly in rooms where you might have more appliances, such as the kitchen. Locate the power points, whether there are enough of them, and don’t forget to check the condition of them.

What does the area sound like?

If there is music or a television on in the property when viewing, turn it off. Listen to the sounds of the house and area; are there any noises that could cause a problem for you?

Which way is the garden facing?

View the property during the day to get a feel for the garden and whether you’ll benefit from the sunlight and warmth during the right time of the day.

Does the local area meet your needs?

Do your research on the area. Does it have everything you need in terms of entertainment, commuter links and schools? Is the property itself within a suitable distance to the areas you need to reach?

Our Estate Agents Live in Kent, Sussex and Surrey

Local knowledge is crucial when you’re looking to buy a home, especially if you’re not familiar with the area.

Our local estate agents live and work in the areas you’re looking to move to, so you can trust our recommendations.

Whether you need information on schools, transport links or entertainment in the town or village you want to call home, we’d be happy to share our favourite spots with you.

We Work Extended Hours

Move Revolution are open 12 hours a day, seven days a week. Our 8am-8pm opening hours mean we’re operating for around 156 extra days a year compared to typical agents.

This allows us to work to times that suit you, including evenings and weekends, and provide you with a greater level of customer care.

Our Fees are Lower

As we don’t operate out of high street shops, we don’t have high street overheads to cover. These savings are then passed on to you as lower fees.

The Areas we Cover

Move Revolution’s property portfolio extends through the South East, covering areas from Croydon down to Brighton.

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