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Our people are local people. They live and work in the communities where you want to live. So, it goes without saying, our knowledge of local towns and villages, of available homes and prices, of schools, services and transport is second to none.

Now, you may ask, so what? Well, working with a local has two huge benefits for anybody buyingselling or renting a property.

Firstly, there’s a direct relationship between local knowledge and property valuations. The greater understanding of an area your estate agent has the more accurate their valuation will be. And if a property is priced accurately it’ll rent quickly. And a faster process benefits all parties.

Secondly, as locals we understand what attracts people to live in an area. We realise people fall in love with a home. We know they begin to dream, to imagine themselves and their family living in that property, being among the community. We understand these feelings because we’ve experienced them ourselves. And we see them in others almost daily.


We’re not saying, not for a second, that traditional estate agents aren’t dedicated. But it’s a fact they don’t work like we do: from 8 to 8pm, seven days a week. That’s an extra 156 days a year. For you, it means we’re more productive and available when you need us, typically after work and at weekends.

We don’t work longer for the sake of it. We do it because we’re determined to deliver a superior level of customer service. And longer hours mean more time for viewings and valuations, for feedback and follow-ups, and for a higher level of customer care. Most estate agents don’t act this way. But then, we’re not like most estate agents.

If that sounds a little fluffy, then hear this. An independent customer research survey asked our customers what they thought of us. When it came to valuations, 100% of customers said they were satisfied.

If that’s not dedication, we don’t know what is.



A better process for buying, selling or renting a home needs a different business model. Only fresh thinking can produce new outcomes. Move Revolution was established with offices and professional lettings negotiators rather than having shops and hoards of instore staff.

It meant we set-up without huge overheads. Savings we continue to pass onto our customers in the form of lower fees.


At Move Revolution, we’re true to our tagline. We want everybody to live happy ever after.

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