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Designing Your Outside Space With Style Revolution

It’s hard to believe we’re already in May, but here we are! Personally, I’ve found myself back in the garden more often (when the rain takes a break of course), looking forward to the sunny summer days ahead! Whether you have a vast garden, a cozy patio garden, or a balcony, we have some ideas to transform your space into a peaceful haven!

From adding colourful flowers and aromatic herbs to setting up a cozy seating area with fairy lights, there are endless ways to create your own little oasis. Consider planting some pollinator-friendly plants to attract butterflies and bees, or set up a small water feature to bring a sense of calm to your outdoor space. Don’t forget to include some comfortable cushions and outdoor rugs to make your space inviting and perfect for relaxation.

As we step into the warmer months, let’s embrace the beauty of nature and make the most of our outdoor areas. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, there’s something special about tending to plants and watching them flourish. So, grab your gardening tools, unleash your creativity, and let’s make this summer one to remember in our own green paradise!

Creating a Herb Garden

Herbs play a crucial role in any garden due to their versatility. They can be utilized in cooking, teas, cocktails, or herbal remedies, and their lovely foliage and flowers also attract pollinators. Growing your own herbs, whether from seeds or pre-grown plants, proves to be a more economical option than buying packaged herbs from the supermarket. By harvesting them as needed, you ensure freshness and access a wide range of flavours which you can use to experiment with.

Consider allocating a section of your garden to herbs, or if space is limited, try cultivating a herb garden in a raised bed, large container, plant pots or even a window box.

Adding Water Features

Water features come in all different shapes, sizes and styles, catering to gardens of all sizes and types. In small gardens or patios, water features should serve as a focal point without overshadowing the overall outdoor design.

For larger garden spaces, a pond could be a suitable choice. It doesn’t have to be elaborate; sometimes a more natural look is better, offering a sense of tranquility with the presence of water. The same applies to ornamental pools. Fountains and jets stimulate the senses, creating a visual and auditory experience that enhances the atmosphere, serving as a focal point in any size required. Waterfalls and water walls provide a more subtle touch, with the constant movement of water bringing your outdoor area to life.

A Touch of Light

Outdoor lighting is essential for creating the right ambiance and accentuating the key features of your outdoor area, enhancing your enjoyment year-round. Here are some choices to consider…

Solar-powered lights offer an economical and eco-friendly option for creating ambient lighting. However, they may not be suitable for areas with limited sunlight therefore, electrical lighting with LED bulbs is a more dependable solution. Task lighting is crucial for functionality, especially in areas like cooking, dining, or socialising. Sensor lights can also help with areas that need lighting for safety purposes. Wall lights are a practical choice, available in various styles to complement your home’s design. Uplights and downlights are perfect for highlighting architectural details and focal points in the garden, creating a striking effect by illuminating tall plants, trees, pergolas, sculptures, or water features. Lastly, to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, consider using table lamps, lanterns, candles or festoon lights, which add a romantic touch at a reasonable cost.

Outdoor Seating Areas

No matter the size or style of your outdoor area, these seating ideas will enhance your space, creating a cozy retreat that invites you to unwind outdoors throughout the year.

For those who value garden entertaining, dedicating a space in your garden to a garden bar idea can bring people together. To add a touch of luxury and provide ample seating for relaxation or family gatherings, a corner sofa or large dining table and chairs is an excellent choice. With UK summers becoming as warmer, many gardens become delightful sun traps, a sun lounger encourages you to pause, recline, and fully enjoy the sights and sounds and obviously that dose of vitamin D! A swing seat adds a playful seating element to your garden or balcony that appeals to all age groups. Optimise space with garden storage ideas while enhancing the aesthetics of your garden by creating raised beds by incorporating benches, offering seating without using up additional space. For small gardens or cost-effective options, consider versatile seating solutions like pouffes and floor cushions, or add a simple wooden garden bench, a few select home accessories, and some versatile lighting for a functional outdoor seating area you can truly make your own. We think creating a charming breakfast nook with a bistro set is simple but perfect.

Flowers and Plants

Introducing plants and flowers to transform your space into a mini jungle, forest, vibrant meadow, or any other desired theme can be accomplished in various ways. You can create lovely borders, raised flower beds, vegetable patches for homegrown produce, or opt for pots filled with colourful flowers to enhance your outdoor space, especially if you’re limited on what you can do.

One creative way to introduce plants and flowers to your space is by incorporating hanging baskets or vertical gardens. These allow you to maximize your space by adding greenery and blooms at different heights. Another idea is to incorporate climbing plants such as ivy or jasmine to add a touch of elegance and a lush feel. Whether you have a small balcony, a patio, or a spacious garden, there are numerous possibilities to bring the beauty of nature into your surroundings. Adding plants not only enhances the aesthetics of your space but also creates a peaceful and calming atmosphere for you to enjoy.

We hope we’ve sparked some inspiration for you to begin creating your new and beautiful outdoor space!

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