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Move Revolution Professional Photography

At Move Revolution, our marketing really sets us apart from other estate agents with our exceptional professional photography being a key differentiator. Focused on selling your home as quickly as possible, for the best possible price it is vital that your home looks at it’s very best. Making a visual impact can make all the difference. Each property is unique in its own way, and everyone has different styles and tastes when it comes to interior design. Photographers have the job to not only capture each room in the house but also its finest features, that could be the view out of a window or a lovely corner of a room with an armchair. These types of shots are described as feature shots, these are essential when we come to market your property whether it’s online, on our website or on social media, it’s a chance to grab a prospective buyer’s attention whilst they are flicking aimlessly through. 

Before coming out to your property our photographers Jack Beard and Edward Price, personally call our vendors to arrange a suitable time to pop over. From time to time this will also be weather dependant so that they can capture beautiful photos of gardens and balconies whilst the sun is shining, or photographing at dusk can be magical time of day to capture the exterior of a property, you end up with some really beautiful shots! The introductory conversation will also discuss a few things that would be helpful to do before they visit such as putting things away to ensure things look as tidy possible, of course they will also have their creative input once they are at your home to ensure your photography is amazing.

Spotlight On Our Photographers

Jack studied photography and sound production at Canterbury Christchurch University where he graduated in 2013. He later began his career in home photography for an estate agent in Central London before joining the Move Revolution team 5 years ago. He has always loved interior photography however, it wasn’t until he fell into home photography that he realised his calling! His work is always evolving, especially as the company has progressed and the types of properties we have in our portfolio, he would like to further advance his work to more home and lifestyle shots, which will in turn strengthen our marketing further, and will of course mean selling more homes! Much of this is already evident in our Home Staging Guide which we send out to our new clients.

“I love photographing new homes, especially ones with minimal, Scandinavian style interiors. Two shoots I am very proud of are, East Cliff House in Purley by Macar Developments and Athena House in Purley by Calibre Developments, I love the concepts behind them and how they have styled the interior décor. These developments gave me the opportunity to really focus in on the design of the buildings and the interesting shapes within the architecture.”

Jack Beard

Ed has a degree in photojournalism specialising in Architectural and Interior Photography. He joined the Move Revolution team in 2021 where he has been able to apply all of his skills and attributes to his work. His top tip for any type of photography is ‘framing’ which is absolutely key. Everything else can be easily resolved, for example blemishes or personal belongings can be ‘photoshopped’ out by the team!

“As I progress in my career, I would like my work to be more design specific by focusing in on the interior design of a house as well as the external architecture of the building, like a magazine shoot.
Golf Side Mews in Coulsdon by Macar Developments and Cherry Blossom Court in Coulsdon by NewPlace have been my favourite shoots so far as I have had the freedom to put on my own artistic spin. I also really enjoy creating the Matterport 360 tours because they give such a different perspective compared to a 2D image, it feels interactive, giving you a virtual feel for the property without actually seeing it in person.”

Ed Price

Although the skills behind the camera are important, a lot of the work also goes into the editing in our Marketing office, and the difference this can make to a photo, transforming it from a great photo to an amazing one! Internal shots can sometimes come out quite dark depending on the lighting in the room, even if you have all the lights on, therefore, correcting the exposure can make the natural lighting more evident and even work on areas such as windows so that you are able to see the view outside, and not just a bright white light. External images can show shadows especially on a sunny day, this isn’t a bad thing but sometimes the shadows need to be altered so the final picture looks softer and there isn’t such a drastic contrast between the shadow and what’s outside the shadow. Another important editing tool is the colour balance, sometimes the contrast can come out looking unnatural or slightly disfigured but if you adjust the saturation, balance, temperature and tint they can make sure the final image looks natural, warm, and bright. Straightening and lens correction is also incredibly paramount, depending on the type of lens used or the angle in which it was taken, the photographers may have to crop or adjust the angle.

Whatever the property market we believe that photography needs to be outstanding to not only survive but to be successful, you are showing off someone’s home and photography is reflective of the service you will receive – the time and attention to every aspect of your house sale. When it comes to first impressions, in this case, it always counts! Just think about how many properties are online, you have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention – we are very biased, but we believe our photography sets us apart, and importantly your home apart from all those on the market at the same time.

Many estate agents will claim to have professional photography, but for all we know this could just be a professional camera and a complete amateur using it. It could also mean that they outsource their photography to a photographer who works for many different companies and perhaps doesn’t just specialises in home and interior photography. This is why we think it is absolutely paramount to have our own professional in-house photographers who are solely employed by Move Revolution and who we work very closely to in our offices. Having them at hand, means that as soon as we take a new property on we can quickly pass the instruction to one of our photographers who will make sure they can visit as soon as possible, at a time that suits the client to ensure complete efficiency and ultimately this means the property will be online quickly too so that no time has been wasted when it comes to the marketing. With close communication between Jack, Edward and our teams you have their undivided attention to capture your home at it’s very best. If for whatever reason the client would like a few extra shots then revisiting isn’t a problem as Jack and Edward are always available, rather than waiting on an external agency to get back to you. Lastly, we believe that photographing the area is just as important as the property itself, we like to include local area photography to show off the location in which you live in, from local parks and walks to the best coffee shops and bars within the local area. If there is a local park, wonderful coffee shop or fabulous view we will make sure we capture this to include alongside the photography of your home, bring your home and local area visually to life for potential buyers.

Earlier we mentioned the advantage of a move360 tour as part of revolutionising the way we sell homes. The move360 tours are an immersive viewing experience, providing potential buyers with a tour of your whole property, before they’ve set foot through the door. The various views including by floorplan or virtual tour, means they can explore your home, room-by-room, before arranging a viewing. This encourages buyers to engage with your listing for longer and enables them to make a viewing decision based on more than just a few images. The visuals are a stunning new way to market your home, potential buyers get a feel for the size and layout of your home so, no surprises when they attend a viewing. By piquing their interest early, it’s more likely they’ll make an offer too, as it’s effectively their second viewing. Our own photographic director films every tour with precision, to the highest quality, so you can trust us to make your home look as alluring as possible. The tour captures the curves and colours of every room, calculating dimensions and allowing us to craft a realistic and immersive experience, the iPad-based 3D Capture app also enables us to check on progress whilst shooting, so we can edit on the job, building a high-quality tour to help you to sell your home.

Move Revolution provide an outstanding service, with offices covering Surrey and Sussex. If you are thinking of moving or selling, why not take a look at our current property portfolio – we would be delighted to have a chat with you about your dream home. With 900+ five star reviews we hope you will be writing a review for us very soon. Whether you are thinking of moving or selling, just give us a call to book a valuation – we can’t wait to speak with you!